Direct to Glass Printing via

Standard Bent Glass, a world leader in custom glass fabrication, now offers decorative glazing solutions that combine the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility and quality of digital printing. Vivid durable designs can be combined with Standard Bent’s full line of custom glass products incorporating energy efficiency, solar control, light diffusion and transmission. High resolution images can be created without costly set-up fees and screen charges.

DTG decorative glass can be fabricated on either flat or curved glass, and can be included in laminates or insulated units.

General Interior Applications

• Divider Wall Covers
• Door and Windows
• Kitchen Backsplash
• Table Tops

General Exterior applications

• Facades
• Balustrades
• Canopies
• Bird Friendly Glass

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Vanceva Architectural Glazing

Vanceva Architectural Glazing combines the performance of laminated safety glass with artistry in aesthetic design. Celebrating the brilliance of light and color, Vanceva Architectural Glazing is the lens through which you can literally reshape and redefine space. It is a fully active medium that enlivens interiors as well as exteriors. At your finger tips is an unlimited palette of vivid colors, striking patterns, and intriguing textures. Transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and create a more meaningful connection between the structure and its environment. Look into the possibilities without the time delays and frustrations of traditional decorative glass products.

Vanceva interlayers can be incorporated into laminated bent glass or flat architectural glass.