In 2015 SBG was approached to consult and produce glass for a transit project for the city of Richmond, VA.  The sample colors had already been approved and SBG began the process of matching the colors exactly.

SBG managed to collaborate with the architect to prepare the graphics and engineer the complex make up according to shifting structural concerns. Many departments were involve in order to avoid any complications as the order needed to ship in time for the proposed launch date of the new GRTC Pulse bus line.  This project includs many of SBG’s fabricating capabilities including digital ceramic frit printing, triangle pattern cutting (there were no 90 degree angles), 8 holes per glass lite including larger holes for the backside fittings, lamination and tempering.

There are 26 stops with 10 panels per stop.  Counting in the mates for lamination that equals roughly 510 fabricated pieces of glass.

¼” Tempered Low Iron
.050 Polyurethane PE-399 or S-123
¼” Tempered Low Iron

Polished Edges
Pattern Cut
6 holes Diameter of 1.626”
Print Digital Glass Surface 2
6 holes Diameter of 1.5”